Veronika Gámán , Director of Sales, Spa Travel at Danubius Hotels Group

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Danubius Hotels Group is the leading thermal spa hotel chain in Central Europe. The Danubius Health Spa Resorts have four and five star health and wellness hotels in Hungary, Slovakia, Czeck Republic and Romania. The professional medical centres and expert spa doctors offer medical treatments based on individual prescription and health status. Each spa resort has specialized in the treatments of different medical conditions what we call 'indications'. The prevention and medical spa packages include various treatments: physiotherapy with therapeutic exercises and healing massages, electrotherapy, balneotherapy, hydrotherapy. Lots of the treamtents are based on natural resoureces such as thermal mineral water, natural sulphuric mud, natural gas or salt.

The Danubius Health Spa Resorts have many years of experience, offer wide range of traditional and modern treatments and continously provide high quality and professional services towards all guests. Danubius Health Spa Resorts located

Country: Hungary

Organization Type: wellness hotel, thermal spas

Phone: +36 1 889 4113


City: Budapest 1051,Szent István square 11 Google map

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            Each Danubius Health Spa Resort has specialized in the treatment of different medical conditions what we call ‘indications’. Our effective medical procedures and complex therapies are based on the healing effect of natural sources, such as thermal water and mud and have successfully treated generations of medical spa guests.
            When you feel you need to escape from the routine, come to Danubius! In our wellness hotels you will find everything you need to revitalize your body and to sooth your soul. Dip into the pools, relax in the natural environment, reconnect with nate and with yourself and let our staff help you get the most of your stay by enjoying our carefully selected treatments and reenergising with our healthy food selection. Recharge, reinvigorate, and return home as a different person. Or the one you always wanted to be!