Marko Jurakić at Croatian Wellness & Fitness Association

Bilateral Meetings

  • 24.10.2014 Friday (15:20 pm - 15:40 pm)
  • 24.10.2014 Friday (15:40 pm - 16:00 pm)
  • 24.10.2014 Friday (16:00 pm - 16:20 pm)
  • 24.10.2014 Friday (16:20 pm - 16:40 pm)
  • 24.10.2014 Friday (16:40 pm - 17:00 pm)
  • 24.10.2014 Friday (17:00 pm - 17:20 pm)
  • 24.10.2014 Friday (17:20 pm - 17:40 pm)

The Wellness and Fitness Association of Croatia (WUH) is a top national organization which provides its members a possibility of continual growth and perfectioning in various fields of mutual interest, with the goal of improving work conditions and raising awareness of wellness and fitness influence. The Association often participates with their promotional activities in various specialized fairs and events, through which it enables its members presentation and promotion of their own products and services. Through the Wellness and Fitness Association of Croatia you can acquire a fitness manager license, which is acknowledged by and registered at the European Fitness Centre Association (EFCA). The Wellness and Fitness Association of Croatia is the only organization in Croatia which is a member of the European Health and Fitness Association (EHFA). The Association has been active since 2003.

Country: Croatia

Organization Type: providers of wellness services

Phone: 38513832750


City: Zagreb 10000,Hrgovići 63 Google map